Random Acts Of Kindness Program

Each month we with your support we will be sending out little random acts of kindness to mothers within Australia. We know all too well, that mothers are under a lot of stress in these unprecedented times.  


What's involved?

We accept small donations from $10, $30, $50 or $100 which is then put towards to send out a special something. 


$10 = Special little note with words or wisdom posted in the mail.

$30 = A Book posted in the mail.

$50 = Bunch of flowers delivered.

$100 = A Care pack with a book, flowers, note and a bottle of wine delivered.


How are mums selected?

On the last Friday of each month with the collection of donations, a raffle is run inside out Inspiring Mum Awards Community Group. The winners of the raffle are announced and the random acts of kindness gifts are sent out.


How can I donate?

It's really easy, click on the Let's Do This button below and then you are on your way. Each donation for the specified amount stated above will determine how many acts of kindness we will be able to offer each month. 

This program runs purely on the contributions that are donated. Your contribution is much appreciated and you'll certainly make the day of a mum.