5 Successful Tips for Time Management for Mums in Business

How are you with juggling? The role of a mum has changed dramatically in recent years and we are now taking on a lot more than we use to.

Gone are the days were we are just doing housework and looking after the children. Many of us are now also either leaving the house for work or have started our own businesses – because we need extra responsibility, right?

Being a entrepreneur is something that many people strive towards and once you get there, it is not always smooth sailing. It becomes a tug of war when it comes to your time and being able to manage all of your motherly and business related tasks.

There are however a few tricks we have learned along the way that can help with the time management side of things.

Your to do list

One of the most important things to do is have a to do list (or three!) By having a to do list, you are able to list out all of the tasks that you have outstanding and when they need to be completed. You can choose to have one list that covers everything or break it up into separate lists; one for business, one for home and one for any other tasks.

List the items on your list in the order of importance so that you know what needs to be completed first.

Check them off as you go and celebrate when something is ticked off. Even if it is just by having a bit of chocolate or taking a 5 minute break. By celebrating and praising yourself, you will keep motivation alive.

Automate your life

If you are not already using automation in your life – now is the time to start!

There are so many things that you can automate in both your business and personal life. Bill payments, invoice reminders and automatic bank feeds are a few of the automations that you can work into the accounts side of your business (and personal life).

When it comes to the administration side of your business than you can also automate things such as your social media posting, newsletter blasts, pre-created email templates and follow up emails.

Automating the various tasks in your business means that you are no longer spending time each day completing these tasks and taking up your valuable time.

The process of setting up the automations to begin with can take some time, but once completed you will feel a huge stress taken off your shoulders.

Plan ahead

Sounds pretty simple, right?

By planning ahead you are able to know what you have coming up in the next few days or weeks and be ready for it. We all know how stressful it can be when we realise a deadline has snuck up on us and we are not ready for it.

If you are a visual person, try getting a white board and having the different deadlines listed on it. Have this on show in your office and that way you can be constantly reminded of what you have ahead of you. If you prefer a technology-based reminder, use your calendar on your phone of computer and have everything listed in it. You can also set reminders a few days out so that you can finish any last minute additions to the task.

Time blocking

Time blocking is a popular strategy used in high schools with timetables where they literally block out a specific timeframe to work on one particular subject. The benefits to time blocking is you can achieve a lot more whilst focusing on one category than jumping around. A perfect example is looking after your accounts. Instead of paying one bill and then going off to do something else and then come back to pay another bill. It isn’t efficient which will cost your business money in the long run.

Outsource where you can

Another great way to manage your time is by outsourcing various tasks within the business.

There are so many different parts of your business that you can outsource including book-keeping, social media management, content and blog writing, graphic design and general administration – just to name a few!

Outsourcing is a very valuable addition to your business. Not only does it mean that these tasks can be done by someone who is experienced in that field, but it also means that you are able to get back some of your time and it can then be used on the more pressing tasks in the business and the ones that will bring the money in. Whether you are a product based business or a service based, your time is better spent working on your offerings rather than the administration and accounting side of things.

Time management is something that is crucial in running a business, so rather than running around like a headless chook, look into different things that will help you to get back on top and succeeding in your business.

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