Top 3 Work From Home for Mums At Home

Being a mum is probably the best gift you can be given in life. You are responsible for

the care and growth of someone other than yourself. When you become a parent, it

changes your world. You need to learn new things, change your routines and at times

leave pieces of your old life behind. When you become a mother you are faced with a

hard decision on whether to return to work and put your child in daycare or stay at

home with them. Did you know you don't need to make a choice between the two?

Check out below our top three ways to bring in an income from home.

Virtual Assistant

If your pre-baby job was anything to do with administration than deciding to work from

home as a Virtual Assistant might be the way to go.

A Virtual Assistant is an administration assistant who works remotely from their own

home. Depending on your experience will determine the tasks that you may be able to

offer. These could include general administration, customer service, social media

marketing and much more.

Being a virtual assistant means that you can bring in an income whilst still being at

home with your babies. All you need is a good internet connection and a computer to

get started.

It is important when setting yourself up as a Virtual Assistant that you know what it is

you want to offer. If you go ahead and want to offer every possible task option than you

may spread yourself too thin. Stick to a few specialised tasks and focus on getting

clients for those.

Blog Writing

Having a blog on your website is becoming very popular. Many businesses are now

adding a blog page to their website, however in a lot of cases they don't actually have

the time to write the unique blog pieces.

For those who are creative and handy with words, becoming a freelance blog writer or

ghost writer might be ideal.

You can also set up your own blog website and create your own pieces. You can then

venture into having people pay to be featured in your blogs or become an influencer for

products and services.

There are a few different freelance websites that you can join and put offers in to

complete the blog writing tasks for businesses. These can include airtasker and fiver.

Multi-level marketing 

If you have social media you are bound to have seen friends selling various products

ranging from cosmetics to kitchenware and weightless products.

Multi-level marketing works in the way that you sell products and recruit people to join

your team. 

You receive a commission off each of your sales and the sales that your team members

make. The more people that you recruit to your team, the higher your commissions will

end up being.

One of the great things about multi-level marketing is that there are many different

companies to choose from. So you can find something that you are passionate about

and want to spend your time telling others about.

Another great thing about it is that you can do all of it from your phone or computer. You

can share posts on social media, hold online parties and create your following all with

the click of a few buttons.

It can take time to build your commissions, however the success can be there if you are


Working from home means that you are able to help provide for your family financially

whilst still being at home caring for them.

If you haven't looked into working from home - what's stopping you?

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Jess Byrnes

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