Healing The Womb

Taking my clients through an energy healing session to release stuck energy from the Womb is just as much an experience for me as it is for them.

As women we hold onto unresolved trauma, past pain and hurt, stress, anxiety and negative

emotions in our Womb (the Sacral Chakra). With this stuck energy in our womb we block of the flow of positive energy it all areas of our life.

Your Womb is the epicentre of all your creativity, manifestations and your divine feminine.

Healing the Womb allows for us to unravel that stuck energy and shift it out of the body allowing for your creativity to really flow, for you to truly manifest the positive things you want in life and for your divine feminine to be in flow.

Womb Healing has been around for nearly 7,000 years and is now used in many modalities of energy healing. The process of womb healing has the ability to reduce anxiety, overcome grief and loss, handle stress effectively, remove negative energies and aid you in reconnecting with your hurt and soul.

The Womb Healing process has also been known to aid clients to dissolve painful links to past relationships, resolve issues in relationships whether it is with a partner, friend, child or parent and aid you in attracting the right partner into your life.

Womb Healing can take place during a Reiki Healing session. During the session the client

takes on a meditative relaxed state as their chakras begin to balance with great attention to the womb chakra and while focusing on the womb chakra taking the client through a deeper

meditation to cleanse the womb chakra.

Womb Healing is a highly recommended energy healing process for all women.

Blog By:

Emma Blake

Mind Body Soul Wellness Coaching

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