Did you know there are five ways you can get involved in the inspiring mum awards 2020?

Did you know there are five ways you can get involved in the inspiring mum awards 2020?

Here is how...

1: You can nominate a mother who you think is inspiring. Filling in the nomination form take approximately 5 to 10 minutes depending on how much information you share about your nominee. Here is the link https://www.inspiringmumawards.com/nominate

2: If you have a product or service you would love to share, you can donate a prize which can be posted or something that can be offered online, to one of the top 10 nominee's. Simply email Samara at smile@samararomanis.com titled DONATE with the details and photo's of your donation. There is no need to send anything, as I will put you and the winner in contact after the awards.

3: If you have a business that you would like to promote and support the awards at the same time you can do so through inspiring mum awards. See more details here https://www.inspiringmumawards.com/sponsors

4: Become a panel member and help me to deliberate the top 10 nominee's and the 2020 winner. Panel members will be required to attend the LIVE stream of the event, which will then be shared inside the facebook community group. I only have 5 positions now left for this position. Simply email Samara smile@samararomanis.com titled PANEL MEMBER to register your interest.

5: Lastly if you want to get involved but you cannot commit to the above, I would love you to be one of our 'Social Butterflies'. All you have to do is become social inside this community, is simply like posts, comment on posts or even share the event will be amazingly helpful. If you have any questions, i'd love to chat. Simply send me an email smile@samararomanis.com

Keep on smiling,


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