Best Tips For Goal Setting As A Mum In Business.

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

Being a mum is a full time role! Throw in on top of that being in business and you have your hands full pretty much all of the time.

Many people will either tell you that you are crazy or that you won’t be able to do it all. However, it is very possible to be both a successful mother and business owner.

One important part of the process is to set yourself goals. It is important to have both short term and long-term goals that you are able to work towards and achieve.

I have put together my best tips for goal setting as a mum in business. Vary the size and time. When you are setting your goals, it is important to not just look at the end game. You need to look into the near future as well as the long term plans. By setting smaller goals that have a shorter time frames, you can keep yourself motivated and on track. If all your goals are set for 10 years from now, although the feeling of achieving them will be amazing, you may lose motivation in the lead up. Set goals for the coming weeks, months and year and make sure that they are achievable within the time frame you have set. Celebrate the wins. It is important when setting your goals both in your personal life and your business that you celebrate the wins – no matter how small they may be. By celebrating each and every goal, even if they are small ones! It will help you to stay motivated and on track to achieving the larger goals down the track. The celebration of the win does not have to be big and extravagant, it can simply be something such as purchasing yourself a little gift once you achieve it. Create your goals around your life vision. If you are not yet using a vision board – this is something that you should create. By having your vision board on show and reminding you of what you are working towards, it can help you to create goals that are in line with this and will help you achieve it. Your goals need to be created in a way that is going to assist you in all aspects of your life. The goals need to be in line with your vision and your ethos and achieving them on a level that you are personally happy with. If your goals require you to do things that are against your morals or ethos it can make the achievement very unpleasant. Use a Journal. A great way to not only keep track of your progress of your goals but also to remind you of the great work you are doing is by journaling about it. If you are writing down the different steps towards your goals, the progress that you are making and how you are feeling about the goals – it will help make them a lot more achievable for you. Working through the different steps, looking back on how you have done things and making changes moving forward can help the goals to become easier and it creates a positive mindset for yourself. Be easy on yourself. The most important tip when it comes to goal setting is to be easy on yourself. There will be times where you are unable to achieve a goal for some reason or another. The important thing is to not crucify yourself for you. Look at what stopped you from achieving it in the time frame and improve on it moving forward. Use the time as a learning lesson and adapt new methods moving forward. Be kind to yourself and remember that you are only human. Not everything goes to plan and sometimes you can not stop it even if you try your hardest. Goal setting is an important part of both business and personal life and it will make things run a lot smoother. So why not stop what you are doing, list down with a notepad and a pen and write out a few goals for yourself. Blog By:

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